1 Week Old

1 week old today

Well, what a week that has been !!! I still don’t understand how I can be this exhausted, almost delirious at times but still be so happy? Its a crazy new world I live in with Charlie 🙂

At times, especially at night, when Charlie seems to change into a little Gremlin for some reason, I’ve said to Sal that I only want 1 kid. I really don’t know how I could cope with another one and I’m only 1 week in. Hopefully this stage of sleepless nights and being sort of all over the place will pass soon enough (fingers crossed) and Charlie will fall into more of a routine.

Its like Charlie has some internal radar that knows when we are trying to relax or have dinner or even a cup of tea together, an alarm goes off in his head and he starts shuffling, making noises etc that there;’s no way we could have any free chilled out time together, he will put an end to it quick smart 🙂

He does seem to like being out in the buggy though so that could be some kind of saviour if he’s howling at the moon. I had him out for over 2 hours in it this morning and for the most part he was wide awake just taking in what was around him which was great, it gave Sal an extra couple hours sleep and I got in my 10,000 steps before 11am, wahooooooooo.

In his first week Charlie has now got to meet his Grandad, 3 Nana’s , Auntie Ali and Uncle Dave. They all loved him of course and are absolutely besotted by him especially his Grandad who’s a big softy really. Its been a long time coming !!!

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