Ten 12 twenty, it has a good ring to it doesn’t it? It was the day our son Charlie decided to finally make an appearance in the world after keeping his Mam and I waiting 13 days over his due date, the little rascal.

He rocked in at 8 pounds, 9 ounces and of course I’m bias but he’s absolutely gorgeous, just look for yourself and the pics attached, WOW !!!

Id say 90% of Sal’s pregnancy I was convinced the baby was going to be a girl then towards the end of the pregnancy I was having dreams and in those dreams the bay was a boy so my mind started to shift that way.

People say ‘I don’t mind as long as the baby is healthy’ and that is very true. I didn’t mind if it was a boy or girl as long as he/she arrived here healthy as well as Sal being ok.

In the case with Charlie before we know he was a Cheeky Charlie, that worry or paternal instinct really kicked in when I got the call from Sal to say she was being brought into the delivery ward as she was now gong into full labour. When I arrived in the delivery room and saw/heard Sal shaking and screaming in pain, all I wanted was for her to be ok with no complication’s and for the baby to come out safely. Obviously with this being my first baby, I’ve never been inside a delivery room, other than when I was born myself 🙂 so to hear the noises come out of Sal was quite distressing especially as there was nothing I could do to help her really other than tell her it was going to be ok and give her reassuring whispers of support. Who was I kidding? I couldn’t comprehend the type of pain Sal was going through especially as she hadn’t received the epidural yet. After seeing her in that pain, I’m flabergasted that any woman goes back to have more than 1 kid. But, they are made of different stuff than Men, they have some sort of superwoman gene inside them. Heroines !!!

After a good few hours of intense labour and with Charlie’s heart rate dropping outside of contractions, the decision was made to deliver him by emergency C-Section. Sal wanted to have a natural labour but even in all the pain she was experiencing, she knew the section was the best way to go now.

Our Son arrived at 5:18am on the 10/12/20

Those first few hours holding him, feeding him, winding him and just staring at him brought waves of happiness, tears, worry and a whole lot more that I’ve never previously experienced in my entire life.

It all went well and a huge thanks to our doctors Zara and Ronan who delivered Charlie, to David the anesthetist (who gets all the credit from the women in labour for administering the epidural, the miracle drug) and especially to Ann and Ali, our midwives who were there from start to finish and who took care of Sal and our little baby boy the whole way through. They were all absolutely sensational and I really cannot think of enough ways to thank them. They’re so calm, professional and reassuring even if things aren’t going to plan. There should be a statue or monument built to honour them…and without doubt a pay rise because no matter what the midwives make, its not enough!!!

F**k sake, Im crying again thinking about the whole thing, I thought it was the woman’s hormones that were supposed to be all over the place?

Charlie was born on the Thursday and we finally got to bring him home on the Sunday afternoon. Sooooo, what now????

Can somebody send on the child manual as the hospital forgot to give it to us on the way out 😉

Daddy’s Favourite
Match ready (Fulham v Liverpool, our first game together

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